Ornum - your career autopilot
Client Request
Create a full-fledged web and mobile application with which financial professionals can evaluate and control their career path
Implementation time
2 months
App Features
Oauth with email, google, facebook
User have 3 way to oauth in app: email, Facebook and Google
The user can choose their current role and the role they are aiming for. Further, he can set himself tasks in narrow areas and monitor how he pumps his level for a specific goal and how much it brings him closer to increasing
Web-version + mobile apps
We created a web version, as well as packaged the mobile version into an application and published it in the AppStore and Google Play
Reccuring payments via Stripe
The user can choose one of two payment options: annual or monthly subscription. Also, each user is provided with a 14-day trial period.
Analytical Dashboard

To display user progress and metrics, we created beautiful dashboards using the ChartJS library
Landing Page
The landing page is also implemented using Bubble
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