Launch your product within 3 month or less
Scalable web and mobile apps build with nocode vs Code
3x faster
3x cheaper

Customized as code
The visual development interface allows you to get results faster
One Bubble developer can replaces the team from Frontend and Backend developer, tester and designer
We can implement any design and application logic that you need
Scalable as code
Bubble allows you to increase server capacity gradually, depending on the load on your application
Powerfull as code
We can implement complex logic, integrations with third-party services, databases, etc.
Our Pricing
Mobile App

IOS and Android app with native features like push notifications, touch and face biometric., inApp purchase etc.
from 10 000$
Our development
Project scopes
Making a plan
We schedule a call with you and discuss about your project: vision, requirements, current stage, design mockups, frames etc.
After call we sum up all scopes and requirements, prepare a roadmap for development, give an approximate estimate of the development time and cost
Based on the requirements, we prepare the design of each screen one by one and agree on it in a convenient video format
We transfer the design and start building features in Bubble, set up workflows and do intermediate tests
When you project is done we can support it and make some minor changes for a flat monthly rate
Let's start
Leave your contact info and we will start the development of your project
Is Bubble right for my project?
We specialize in and are confident that 90% of your ideas can be quickly implemented with it.
Do you work with any platforms outside of Bubble?
Yes, we also work with other NoCode tools like Airtable, Integromat, Zapier. But we use it for Bubble apps. But we don't make complete projects on these platforms. We use them in addition to Bubble, if required
What can you create with Bubble?
We can do just about anything you want: marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay, social media, learning platforms like Coursera or Udemy, productivity tools like Trello, fintech products, etc.

How is the payment for work carried out?
We work on 100% prepayment for a stage or sprint with the ability to make a 100% refund within 3 days from the date of the start of work. Every day we make short reports on how the development is progressing. Therefore, you can request money without explaining the reasons if something suddenly ceases to suit you.
Is it possible to create an application for IOS / Android?
Yes. To create an app, we first build a mobile app and then "wrap" it in the native iOS / Android shell. This means that when a user downloads your own app, the app will access all of the content over the web connection, rather than storing it on the user's phone. The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to build and maintain separate iOS and Android apps, and you don't have to go through the App Store approval process every time you want to update. This approach is not ideal for applications that require autonomous capabilities or access to a mobile device's gyroscope or Bluetooth components.
What about data storage?
All application data is stored on standard Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers that companies like Netflix use to manage their sensitive data. Data is encrypted, all changes are logged for audit, and role-based privacy rules determine what data is visible to which users. Applications support SSL encryption (ie, Https: // instead of http: //), which provides an additional layer of data security. For applications requiring the transfer of sensitive personal health records, our applications may not yet be HIPPA compliant. Our team only gets access to the data of the client application as part of development or problem solving, never contacts your users or uses your personal data.

You can also connect your own database and not store user data on Bubble's servers.
Can I host the site on my hosting or export the code?
Not. Sites built on Bubble are hosted on Bubble. Also, Bubble does not provide the ability to export application code.
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