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Minimum Viable Marketing for your MVP

Inspired by this tweet

Many founders spend a huge amount of time and effort on creating MVP of their idea, a large number of features and do not even devote a hundredth of their attention to creating MVM (minimum viable marketing) - simple actions that will bring you closer to getting the first users

What you need for getting first users

As a founder, especially if you're a solo founder, there are 3 areas to consider:

  1. Drive traffic
  2. Communicate with visitors/users
  3. Measure & Analyze

Skip one and you have about 0 chances at success.

That's MVM and below how it translates into action


Just launch the site and try to briefly and concisely describe the benefits of your future product, so that users want to test it before the release

  • Webflow
  • Cardd
  • Tilda
  • Wordpress


Start interacting with future users by email. Setting up basic scripts won't take long, but it will help a lot at startup.

Here's what exactly should be in basic mailing scenarios:

1. Why didn't you sign up
2. Welcome
3. Key Features
4. Why did you leave

  • Gmail
  • Mailchimp
  • Convertkit


Tool: Google Analytics

Install it and create your main conversion event.

That's all.

Even if you're not technical, this should take 15min and will save you hours and hours of guesswork.

A social presence

Feel free to share your product idea and building process on social media. #buildinpublic can help you to attract early birds of your product and make some noise about your future launch. 

Also, choose a platform where your audience can be located. For example, Twitter would be an excellent tool for founders, and Linkedin for professional communities. It all depends on your idea.

Google & FB Ads

Some founders miss it at the start. But it's better to spend a couple hundred dollars and realize that you are actually doing something that interests your audience.

For Google Ads, you can use keywords that are extremely related to what you're selling. 
If it doesn't work, there's a problem somewhere:
  • landing page
  • pricing
  • product

Also, you can use Facebook retargeting by people who visited your site


It's often free to get started.

Mailchimp. Figma. Analytics. Even Google Ads gives you $ to start.
Most even stay free for life unless you become a hardcore user.

So before you say you don't have the cash, make a quick search. You may not need it. You already put yourself at risk by spending weeks building an MVP in exchange for $0.

So if giving it a shot means putting a couple hundred $ towards marketing, I think it's worth it.

MVP is nothing without marketing.
You need:
  • a nice website
  • a pro email address
  • basic email automations
  • analytics
  • acquisition channels like Google or Fb ads

This is how you give your product a shot

Idea testing