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Tips: how to catch people in your cold email

Inspired by this tweet by Nik Sharma

If you're building a B2B product and want to test the demand for your idea without spending a lot of money or get early adopters and pilot projects, then cold email marketing to potential customers can bring its benefits.

We've found some tips on how you can best structure your email to grab a prospect's attention.

The key to a good email:
• Clear introduction with social proof
• Setup the context
• Explain what you bring to the table
• Go for the ask

• Finish with a CTA

Clear introduction with social proof

There's no need for "Hope you're doing great" or "How's the weather in NYC?"

Get to the point: "My name is Nik, I run Sharma Brands, and we scale DTC brands like JUDY, Poo~Pourri, and Bacardi."

Setup the context.
It's helpful to understand the lens through which you're reaching out.

"I saw you just launched Jambys, and we work with Eight Sleep. I wanted to explore what a partnership looks like."

Explain what you bring to the table (aka, why should I care?)
Add numbers, facts, and/or more social proof.

"We've been featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, and have a customer database of over 125,000 sleepers."

Go for the ask.
Don't waste anyone's time. Definitely don't ask if you can ask a question.

"We have an idea for a collaborative product that we want to send to our and your existing customers.

Finish with a CTA.
You want to get a "Yes", "No", or "Talk to this person" response.

"If you're interested, we'd love to talk next steps with your team."

Hope, it'll be helpful for you and your product!
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